Republicans Plan to Steer Asteroid towards Earth Impact

After the recent government shutdown was broadly seen as a failure, Senator Ted Cruz (R) announced that Republican tactics would be taking an unexpected new turn.

“President Obama continues to refuse to listen to the American people,” Cruz intoned.  ”We the People do not want Obamacare ruining our lives.  So until the President changes course and defunds Obamacare, we will maintain the asteroid 99942 Apophis on a collision course with earth.”

It seems that shortly after the passage of Obamacare in 2009, the Koch brothers launched a satellite capable of intercepting and redirecting 99942 Apophis toward Earth impact.  Now, unless the law is repealed, it appears the Earth is headed for comprehensive species extinction.

“This is President Obama’s global extinction event,” Cruz (R) continued.  ”He refuses to even negotiate with us!  All we require is that he repeal the evil Obamacare, relinquish the office of Preisdent and submit to an auto da fe.  Then negotiations can begin.”

Leading Democrats contend that no sitting president has ever consented to relinquishing all his powers and being burned alive.  ”We understand that our partners across the aisle have strong opinions on this topic,” noted Harry Reid (D).  ”But they have to meet us halfway.”  Reid proposed that the Republicans merely gibbet the President.

But the intellectual leaders of the Tea Party Republicans have argued that anything less than total victory is abject surrender.  ”We cannot give an inch!” howled Scrooter O’Danglins (R).  ”At this point, we have to destroy the Earth just to maintain credibility.  Otherwise we would be idiots!”


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Predictions for Mar 4 to Mar 8, 2013

1.  AUD Cash Rate Monday 10:30pm: Negative for AUDUSD.  A rate cut seems likely here.  Talk out of the RBA has been much more dovish than usual in the past few weeks, and the rate statement should be very dovish as well.  This call will be revoked if AUDUSD runs down well before the meeting in anticipation.

2. CAD Overnight Rate Wednesday 9:00am: Negative for USDCAD.  The loonie has weakened sharply in recent weeks due to negative economic reports.  I think an interest rate cut is almost worked into the rate at this point, but I don’t think it will be forthcoming.  Carney believes that keeping the rate at 1% constitutes “holding rates low”.  The rate has also been at that level for more than two years.  A change on Wednesday is unlikely.  The accompanying rate statement should be heavy with talk of the sequester and “risks to global growth”.  But such worries are already in circulation.

3.  BOJ Conference Wednesday PM / Thursday AM: Negative for USDJPY.  Yen weakness has been almost entirely engineered by new promises of easing.  This conference will contain no such new promises.  Further, it is Shirakawa’s last conference before Kuroda is ushered in.  Shirakawa is a hawk compared to Kuroda, and he may sound some cautionary notes for his successor.

4.  ECB Press Conference Thursday 8:30am: EUR negative.  As I’ve noted recently, there is a widespread mistaken belief that the OMT program provides unlimited and unconditional support for sovreign bond buying.  This is not true, and Draghi is likely to make this abundantly clear after the Italian elections.  This may be another, “OMG, really?” moment for markets, as they come to understand something they should have figured out long ago.  Further, anything else likely to come out of the ECB here — our economies are in the tank, inflationary risk is down, etc — is likely to press the Euro down.

5.  Japan Current Account Thursday 6:50pm: Positive for USDJPY.  This pair just always seems to rally after the current account.  A positive reading is expected, which would signal that easing is beginning to take root (Nikkei goes up, USDJPY goes up).

6.  Dollar positive all week.  The dollar has been weakened for years by QE, and it finally looks like an end to QE is near.  Combined with fiscal tightening in Washington, this should work to push up the dollar for several months to come.

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Committed to Complacency on Italy

After completely missing the immediate impact of the Italian election, many big bank analysts seem determined to sugar over its long term impacts as well.

Paul Richards at UBS said that the extreme moves following the elections were:

A good reminder to the market about how complacent we took the Italian elections – myself included.

Apparently complacency is an official policy at UBS.  Richards confidently notes that:

you still get Draghi’s backstop – the OMT program.

That is just flat out wrong.  OMT is linked to austerity through an official policy called “conditionality”.  If the new Italian government rejects austerity policies (as it seems likely to do), then a preliminary condition for OMT is violated.

I’ll put it another way: the single most important financial impact of the Italian elections was to put the OMT guarantee in jeopardy.

If UBS is out to lunch, the other big banks seem to be having a full on Euro bacchanal.  A quick roundup:

Italy’s Situation Barely Even A Mini Crisis But Where Does This Leave The Euro -  JP Morgan

Risk Reward Favors Long Euro Here; Possible Grand Coalition In Italy A Positive Catalyst – Barclays

Converging Parallels: What’s Next For Italy – Credit Agricole

All three analysts seem convinced that Italy’s elections mean next to nothing, that an effective ruling coalition will self-assemble in short order, and that the outcome of these events will be Euro positive.  This is like leaving the dog and cat alone in the house and assuming they will cooperate to the benefit of the furniture.

These accounts are also in conflict with, well, the news.  If these idiots read the news, they might have heard Bersani say this:

I want to spell it out clearly: the idea of a grand coalition does not exist and will never exist.

So the forseeable future looks to feature no effective government and total political gridlock in Italy.  It is possible the Euro could gain for other reasons next week, but I would not expect Italian news to be anything but Euro negative.

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Embarassing Schwarzenegger Photo

It really does take a minute to figure out what that is down there.

Schwarzenegger Flexes

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Feb 25 – Mar 1 Prediction #4

Negative report, CAD weakens, positive for USDCAD: MISS

Friday’s Canadian GDP report came in negative just as expected, at -0.2%.  The USDCAD rapidly dropped 25 pips.  The problem with this call was that the negative report was already “baked into the cake”, as there was a 100+ pip rally  in USDCAD in the prior 24 hours.  Part of this seemed to be anticipation of the weak report, and part was due to a broader rally in the dollar.  With such a leading rally to set up this event, I would simply have withdrawn any prediction for how the rate would react.  As this blog develops, updating predictions like this will be a more regular practice.

Below are charts showing the response.  First is a chart focused on the 8:30am announcement, then a chart showing the leading rally.

USDCAD 3-1-13_1

USDCAD 3-1-13_2

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Feb 25 – Mar 1 Prediction #3

Bernanke should reiterate his own dovish policy intentions, pushing a bid under US equity markets and a sell on the dollar: MISS

I was more or less right on the content of Bernanke’s testimony, but absolutely wrong on the reaction.  It seemed like there was so much negative sentiment after the Italian elections that traders just pounced on any excuse to push risk assets down.  US markets slid only a little, but AUDJPY slid about 130 pips while Bernanke spoke.  Most of this was from an appreciating Yen, following on the radical move of the previous day.  Most of the move quickly reversed, but still — this one was wrong.

AUDJPY 2-26-13

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Feb 25 – Mar 1 Prediction #2

Italian Elections press Euro down to begin week: HIT

Heavens what a slaughter.  The Euro ran up a bit today (Feb 25) as markets thought maybe the Italian elections would work out after all for Bersani.  Then the exit polls came out showing total gridlock and the need for new elections.  Yikes.

The Euro plunged from $1.33 to $1.305 in a few hours.  Worse still, the Yen plummeted from a Sunday peak around 94.25 to as low as 90.85, the biggest drop I’ve seen in a very long time.  Add this up and the Euro/Yen went from 125.25 to below 119 at one point, roughly a 5% drop.  That is a crisis level reaction.

Carnage in chart form below.  EURUSD first, then EURJPY:

EURUSD 2-25-13

EURJPY 2-25-13

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Feb 25 – Mar 1 Prediction #5

5. USDJPY jumps after new BOJ governor named during week — HIT

Okay, I was wrong on the guy, but I had the right idea.  Iwata was named deputy governor, and Kuroda becomes the next governor.  But boy was I right about the impact.  USDJPY jumped by about 100 pips and traded around 94.25 just after the open in Japan.  My basic logic here is that this appointment had been delayed, which suggested a radical appointment coming from Abe.  Rumors were it would be Iwata, but Kuroda is still a radical appointment.

Unfortunately this was not really a tradeable “prediction” for most people as the news came out before Sunday open.  Interestingly, the gains have largely faded since the appointment, which starts to make the Yen look more attractive (to short, that is).  I’d wait until the Italy news is digested before jumping in, though.

USDJPY 2-24-13

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Feb 25 – Mar 1 Prediction #1

1.  AUDUSD bump from HSBC PMI data release:  MISS

The HSBC PMI number came in at 50.4, lower than the previous 52.3 or the expected 52.2.  I’ll admit that this was purely a momentum-based guess that went sour (China had been picking up steam for a few months).  Here you can see the consequences: a drop of about 40 pips in a minute.  Some of that could have been avoided by a well placed stop, but still an ugly call.

It’s worth noting the subsequent 20 pip recovery up until midnight, though.  I have noticed over time that not only does AUDUSD move more sharply with Chinese PMI data than with any other currency, but the movement also tends to reverse substantially from its extreme point reached shortly after the event.  The rest of the uptrend after midnight is piggybacking off a sharp up move in the Euro (more on that later).

AUDUSD 2-24-13

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Predictions for Feb 25 to Mar 1, 2013

For the week of Feb 25 — Mar 1, there are 5 major events where I’d feel comfortable calling the direction of subsequent price action.

1.  HSBC China Flash PMI Sunday 8:45pm: Should be positive.  Look for a good upward spike in AUDUSD, although temporary and probably within an overall downtrend.  The release of the official figure on Thursday at 8:00pm should provoke a similar response.

2.  Italian Elections Sun/Mon:  Should press the Euro down to begin the week.

3.  Bernanke testimony 10am Tuesday:  Bernanke should reiterate his own dovish policy intentions, pushing a bid under US equity markets and a sell on the dollar.  I’d actually play this as long AUDJPY.  The Aussie should strengthen and Yen weaken with a US equity rally.  There will also likely be some questions about currency wars and the weakening Yen, which Bernanke should mollify by saying, “All nations should be free to pursue appropriate monetary policy” or something like that.

4.  Canadian GDP Friday 8:30am:  Negative report, CAD weakens, positive for USDCAD.

5.  Japan selects new JCB Chairman: Timing unknown.  This has been delayed for some time.  I think Abe wants Iwata.  If that comes out, it should trigger a big runup in USDJPY as the Yen weakens further.

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